The Thanksgiving Passage

Sometimes I take a photo and its message is immediately apparent. It's story appears, along with the composition, and inserts itself into the proceedings early in the process...all tied up in a neat little bow.

On other occasions the true meaning and essence of a piece takes some time to percolate through the ether and make itself known. 

Case in point with the image "Light at the End".

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Ain't Necessarily So....

What drives you? What is your passion?  Do you have that something that presses your buttons so hard that you could spend a lifetime pursuing and perfecting it? What is that certain thing in your life/career/calling that pushes and drives you like nothing else? 

Mine is connection. My "why"... my "calling" is using my talent to purvey beauty, story and positivity through creativity, connection and service. Creativity and connecting are deeply embedded in my DNA. It is what drives me. 

Defining my calling, and implementing an effective plan on how to best utilize my gifts, however, has been..well...let's just say it has been an evolving skill set. It certainly hasn't been something that, until recently, I have purposefully pursued with any intent or specific direction. But, looking back along my career journey, hindsight and perspective has afforded me a particular clarity in regards to some of the life choices I have made. And, doing a little connecting of the dots through some of my life's greatest decisions, it has become apparent to me that I have been silently, and persistently, guided by a unique voice inside my heart along a path that would eventually lead me to where I could write the above paragraph about my particular calling with any kind of certainty.

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