The Art of the Story

Art, when it is at its best, not only visually impresses but also has the ability to tell stories, share ideas and transcend moments and movements. Consequently art, that is created from a specific and/or special moment of your very own, can resonate deeper, and tell your story, in very specific ways that not only enhances, but also strengthens, the moment and memories for your family and beyond.

For example...

A moment of mine from last fall.

It was the weekend of October 4th, 2019, and my son's high school soccer team was in a local KC tournament. They had won the first two matches and were set to take on their main rival high school for a tournament winning third match. Win and they get some hardware and bragging rights. Loose and they get second place and a handshake from the opposing team.

It was a chilly and overcast Sunday afternoon with scattered sun and a few pop up showers in the area. My son, the starting holding midfielder for the team, had been battling some kind of pre-COVID crud and had even missed some practice time during the week. His cough was so severe, and he was so weak, that I had my doubts that he would even play at all but the match was against his rival, and it was for a first place finish in the tournament, so he wanted to play and play he did.

He might have felt horrible but it never showed through his time on the pitch. He started and played fearlessly for most of the match...only taking a few small breaks on either side of the half to catch his breath and grab some water. We were up 2-1 in the second half when an intense rain shower parked itself over the stadium and caused havoc. The wind was so intense that it was blowing the rain horizontally across the field yet we could see sun off in the distance to the south. It was in these conditions, in the last minute of the game, when the other team took advantage of a brief lapse in our defense and scored the goal that tied it up. overtime we went. Two ten minute halves. Golden goal. (Meaning the next goal, from either team, won the match). The teams battled back and forth for both 10 min halves only to find the score still level after overtime. The match had to be settled via penalty kicks. 

The drama of a penalty kick is always a spectacle and quite possibly one of the greatest ways to settle a competitive contest. It's especially brutal if your son/daughter is involved in the process one way or another.  Unfortunately, for this match, my son, after playing every minute of the overtime, was so spent that, in his weakened condition, he had nothing left to give so he resigned himself to watch from the sidelines as the penalty kicks unfolded. This was probably easier on my heart but I'm sure it was harder on him as he wasn't contributing to his team. 

At the end of the day the other team had the advantage and won in penalty kicks but, for me, the memories of that match, and how my son and his team played, are something that I will always cherish. And, with this memory as a backdrop, I used a photograph taken of my son during that match as a creative catalyst of inspiration to create the customized work of art shown below. This one of a kind piece of art is simply breathtaking, has become a treasured keepsake for my family and is a permanent reminder that always takes me back to that special day, in October 2019, when my son and his team had a match for the ages. 

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I look forward to hearing your story and for serving you, and it, with my art.

Be well